Lessons Online

~Ronaldo is one of those rare music teachers that is both a superb musician and a gifted teacher. As a retired public school teacher, I am very aware of the specific skills necessary to be an effective teacher. Skills that, quite frankly, most musicians don’t have.” - -Frank Hoffman (School Teacher)

Specializing in Flamenco, 

I teach all styles... all levels... all ages! 

I have been teaching guitar over 20 years! 

Reasonable rates paid by the month.Get one lesson a week.  Lessons are a half hour or an hour long.  (If you want more or less lessons per month, we may tailer a schedual that fits your needs.) 

My first days of teaching began when I was 16 in my highschool's guitar program.  I was an aid for the teacher.  Since then I have been sought by many as a teacher.